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Regular Maintenance

General Maintenance: Perform a safety inspection of weldments, seat supports, chains, pulley’s, cables,  check for missing or worn hardware, upholstery is inspected for wear and tear, rips, and cuts, etc.

Lubrication: Lubrication of all chains, sprockets, rollers, guide rods, seat adjustments, threaded rods, pivot points, and mounting bolts for tightness, etc.

Electrical Components: The technician will inspect all line cords, power supplies, batteries and devices for functionality. Technician will also Inspection all electrical connections  wires and test electronics and calibrate when necessary.

Cleaning: Technician will clean the inside of equipment including the motor components.

Performance Test: After the Preventative Maintenance has been completed, our technician will run a performance test to insure that all functions are working properly.

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