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Our professional team of technicians come to you  in person when you need repairs done in your facility.  Some examples of our clients include Corporate Offices, Schools and Universities, Rehabilitation Facilities, Fire-Rescue and Police Stations, Government Agencies, Apartment Complexes, Health Clubs, Hotels and Resorts.

Common Service Calls:


  • Squeaks on equipment and accessories
  • Walking belt alignment on treadmills
  • Trouble-shooting Power Control Boards (PCB's)
  • Treadmill belt slippage
  • Cleaning and lubricating guiding rods, pull-pins, pillow blocks, chains and other related parts
  • Making adjustments to your strength circuit equipment on your drive belts, cables, and taking the slack out of  your weight stack equipment.
  • Putting new bottom brackets onto spin bikes.
  • Repairing step assemblies, adjusting tension on rear drive belts for elliptical's and cross-trainers, stationary bikes, etc.
  • Replacing overlays on display where sweat has gotten between the display board and the electronics.
  • Replacing drive belts to front rollers from drive motors and lifts, walking belts, lift actuators on Treadmills.
  • Flipping decks and replacing deck bumpers and side cushions to commercial treadmills.
  • Changing brushes on alternators in cross-trainers, stationary bikes, elliptical's etc.
  • Removing and replacing Power Control Boards (PCB)'s, display electronics, heart rate sensors
  • Installing new equipment such as home gyms, strength circuit equipment, belt and cable machines, assembling weight stack, disassembling weight-stacks, relocating (moving one equipment from one place to another).
  • Working on Stair Climbers and step-mills, replacing and repairing drive chains, load resistors, transmissions, power supplies, trouble-shooting and configuring electronics.
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic on Keiser equipment, air lines, air compressors and fixing tubing etc.
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